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Armagedda — «Svindeldjup Ättestup» (2020)

Armagedda is alive! This is an unexpected release for me after 16 years of silence when the last full-length album Ond Spiritism was released. Everything here is just like on the previous album – the viscous mid-tempo riffs and lyrics in Swedish. This is exactly the course Armagedda took at that time, and Svindeldjup ättestup continues to move forward.

The album listens in one breath due to simple riffs and a leisurely rhythm section, but it’s clearly inferior to Ond Spiritism by the hits. The mixing is done perfectly. Neither single instrument drowns in the overall mix and doesn’t come into focus. The album is produced by Mikołaj Żentara from Mgła. There is a hunch that he also cooperated in the mixing of the album – the lead guitars sound very similar to Mgła. As a result, the album is good.

Best track – Ond Spiritism. The first riff directly wigs out.

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